There’s a Dry Sheet Hanging from My Sleeve?

There's a Dry Sheet Hanging from My Sleeve?

Have you ever gone to work or out in public and had no clue that you got dressed in an odd manner? I went to work once with a dryer sheet hanging just a half inch or so out of the sleeve of my shirt. It wasn’t until nearly an hour in to my day that someone else noticed it. I pulled out the dryer sheet and just laughed. How could I miss that?

What else have you missed? Where have you either lacked focus or been so focused that you weren’t present or aware of what was really going on around you? It is very tough to be aware all the time. We do need a break on occasion. However, when it really matters, we must understand how to become more aware and be present in the moment.

What are some moments when you lack awareness? When your co-worker is explaining a major issue to you, but you need to get that big email out. When your child is getting your attention to talk about an issue or just wanting to play but you have so much on your mind. When you are just sitting in a crowded room of people. Are you aware of what is happening or are you just there? It is time to pay attention to what is really important in this world. And for me that is people.

When we become aware we begin to connect with others on a different level. We get to know things about them that benefit both of us. Imagine the impact on your business when the staff feel like you are fully engaged in them, their success and their well-being. How could that change the culture of your work environment?

Imagine how employees will respond to you when they feel that you value their contributions and the importance they place on balancing their work life with their family life. Can you improve the culture of your organization just by being more aware and present? Yes, but that is just the starting point.

Become aware, be present in the moment and don’t let someone else tell you that there is a dryer sheet hanging from your shirt.

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