Customer Service Brought Me to Tears

Customer Service Brought Me to Tears

I have never been moved to tears, in a positive way, by a customer service person in my life. Today that changed. I want to say that the rep that helped me, gave me support and assistance for a very difficult situation. She is an amazing spirit and has a beautiful soul. Chase, you have one amazing employee in your midst. I was so struck by her support, sincerity, and general concern for me that I began tearing up.

I really don’t want to get into the situation I needed help with, that isn’t important here. What I want to focus on is what she did as a true professional. The reality of my situation is one of frustration and slight embarrassment. And this breath of fresh air and positivity was just what I needed.

If you are in a position of helping others in your job take notice of what I am about to tell you. It will change the way you interact with everyone in the future. If you have a staff that directly connects with your customers, they need to understand this as well.

She was kind and pleasant to me right from the start of the conversation. I began explaining my situation and she listened. She was present in our conversation and absorbed everything I said. She must have felt my nerves and reservation with having to make such a call. She let me finished without interrupting.

When she spoke, her voice was supportive. She acknowledged the complexity of the situation and acknowledged my desire to do the right thing for the right reasons. And she also appreciated that there was a great deal of pride involved in what I was requesting. She never faltered and never judged.

She began by connecting with me on a personal level and sharing a similar experience and how she completely understood my request. She suggested some options to make things better. We talked through those options. I informed her it was important to me that I was doing the right for everyone involved. She thanked me for my concern and caring for what I was asking for.

Then she went the extra mile. Placed me on hold. She wasn’t gone long, but what she did in that brief moment changed my perspective of the human spirit. As she spoke she was professional and heartfelt in what she could do to help me. As she spoke I could feel the weight of this issue slowly releasing the burden I was carrying.

We agreed on the best path forward. She offered me her personal story with a similar circumstance and how she got through it. She provided me a quote of encouragement and told me she would pray for me to have a better day and to have a quick resolution of my circumstances.

I just simply said thank you, as the first tear touched my cheek. It amazed me how overcome I was with emotions at such a simple customer service interaction. If you want to make a difference in this world, it doesn’t take much. It just takes your willingness to connect with another human being with caring, concern and genuine empathy.

Today I am a Chase customer for life because of you. I really wish I would have gotten her name. What I can tell you is I will never forget her.

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