Thanks for coming. You are a true hero. You are strong. Its great that you survived because we got to meet you. I need to be strong like you and not be a scared boy. I look up to you.

Chris Student March 27, 2017

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Helping You Live Your Life on Purpose

Dean Raasch is Driven to help you find your purpose and live your destined life.

What is it that Drives you?

What is your Purpose?

Why do You do what You do?

Dean discovered his purpose standing on a log, suspended 40 feet above the earth, sobbing like a baby. Truth is heights paralyze him. He was determined to conquer that fear. He was determined to prove to himself that he could overcome any challenge, even one that paralyzed him like that.

It seems crazy that conquering that simple fear set him on his path of purpose. Having battled life demons like leukemia, losing his mother to cancer, abuse, and watching his father beat alcoholism weren’t enough to overcome already.

Those life lessons, or baggage as some might see it, helped shape the character of a man committed to helping others. Whether he is working with business owners that are committed to changing the trajectory of their business or speaking to an auditorium of high school students his message is the same.

“You all have gifts, talents and passions that our world needs. You must find your voice and share those gifts, talents and passions so our world is better. Then you will live the life you are destined for.”